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KESMARC takes a practical approach to equine rehabilitation. We create our treatment plans based on an accurate understanding of each horse's injury and the pathology behind it, as well as our understanding of the different disciplines involved in treatment and the complexities of each discipline. Our experience has taught us that there is no golden key that will unlock the door of healing for each and every horse. Instead, we treat each individual horse as puzzle that must be put together, piece by piece, until the picture becomes clear. Effective rehabilitation is accomplished by avoiding "tunnel vision" and gaining an understanding of the entire horse. At KESMARC, that's what we specialize in!

What they've said...

"KESMARC offers the best care out there. I have utilized their services multiple times with exceptional results, including my latest grade 1 winner – PURIM. I am all for KESMARC!!"

- Leading trainer, Tom Proctor

KESMARC's synergistic approach allows each and every individual equine athlete to become the best that they can be. Our skilled and experienced staff individually tailors treatment and conditioning programs to the specific needs of each athlete. We will join forces with your trainer and your veterinarian to bring your horse back to a state of mental and physical wellness, quickly and safely.

Our staff has the expertise and knowledge to assist your veterinarian in the entire healing and rehabilitation process. Your veterinarian will feel like it is their facility and the staff is their own. We are here to support these professionals and, most of all, the horse!


For over 20 years, Kirsten and Hub Johnson have dedicated themselves to providing equine athletes with the best possible rehabilitation care. In pursuit of this mission, they established KESMARC in Versailles, Kentucky, the most comprehensive high-end equine rehabilitation center in the world. What makes KESMARC stand out is the center's dedication to establishing sound treatment and conditioning protocols, proven by successful outcomes in all equine disciplines. KESMARC seeks out the world's top specialists in all fields of equine medicine, including orthopedics, internal medicine, infectious disease and general practitioners. By working with so many of equine medicine's "best and brightest," KESMARC has gained an abundance of knowledge and expertise in equine rehabilitation.

The field of equine rehabilitation is constantly changing and growing as new technologies and treatments become available. KESMARC is constantly evolving to keep up with these advances and provide the horses in their care with the latest, most effective treatments. One treatment that the center specializes in is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This revolutionary treatment can help horses recovering from serious injuries and a variety of chronic conditions. In fact, Kirsten and Hub are part owners of Equine Oxygen Therapy (EOT), a company that manufactures, operates and distributes veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chambers worldwide. More than just a manufacturer of these products, EOT is also committed to researching and developing hyperbaric oxygen for equine medical use. EOT's research efforts are largely responsible for advancing the use of hyperbarics in equine medicine. Recently, Kirsten established BARHC (Bluegrass Animal Rehabilitation Hyperbaric Center) to bring the benefits of comprehensive rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen to small animals, as well.

Kirsten and Hub's concern for providing cutting-edge rehabilitation care to equine athletes has produced many famous success stories. The facility has rehabilitated world champions in a wide variety of breeds and disciplines, most noteably in the racing world, including "Roses in May", winner of the Dubai World Cup. KESMARC has also helped rehabilitate and condition multiple Breeder's Cup horses, Eclipse Award winners and competitors, with 24 grade 1 winners in 2008 alone. As always, the center remains dedicated to providing complete, personalized rehabilitation services to each one of its patients.