Out State Of The Art Facilities Offer World Class Service.

To address the needs of your horse, KESMARC offers a comprehensive selection of equine therapy services. Every part of our facility plays a specific role in each horse's recovery or fitness training.


The aquatred is an excellent modaility for assisting horses regain full strength after injury or surgery. It is also perfect for reconditioning or maintaining conditioning of the equine athlete.

The major benefits of the aquatred are:

  • Buoyancy is maintained at 40-60% to provide the horse with an even and controlled workout
  • The resistance of the water develops increased strength in the supportive tissues while at the same time maintaining and increasing bone density.
  • Keeps horses with airway problems conditioned while they heal.
  • Allows older horses to regain full range of motion.
  • It lessens the build up of scar tissue during active healing and will assist in the breakup and dispersal of existing fibrin in older injuries.
  • It is a safer and more effective alternative to hand-walking after injuries and surgery.

Our state-of-the art swimming pool allows equine athletes to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise while reducing the potential impact on their joints. Swimming strengthens the tendons, ligaments, and muscles as well as building bone density. Training in our swimming pool is a safe and effective way to provide a high level of cardiovascular conditioning for your equine athlete without exposing the horse's joints to stress from extensive work on hard surfaces.

Swimming is a wonderful tool to help your horse reach peak performance, especially when used as part of a cross-training program. At KESMARC, when appropriate, we combine swimming with time spent working under load on our indoor jogging surface. Swimming is an excellent developmental tool for younger horses and our "development program" has helped produce multiple G1 winners and participants in the Breeders Cup and Kentucky Derby.


At KESMARC, we specialize in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This revolutionary medical technology is useful for treating acute injuries and promoting recovery from chronic disorders. HBOT is incredibly effective as an adjunct therapy to enhance the effectiveness of other medical technologies and procedures, and it has a proven track record in human medicine.

Use of HBOT for Acute and Chronic Conditions:

  • Osteomyelitis
    • Joint infections in foals and adults
    • Complications following deliberate or accidental puncture wounds to joints, bones and feet
  • Enhancement of healing in selected problem wounds
    • Prevention of infection in "dirty" wounds
    • Faster healing and higher-quality granulation tissue in wounds over joints and other areas of increased mobility
    • Wounds not responding to conventional antibiotic therapies alone
  • Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic soft tissue infections
    • Staph infections
    • Obstetrical infections
  • Crush injuries
  • Gas gangrene
  • Lung/Airway Problems
    • Pneumonia (Rhodococcus included)
    • Post Bleeding
    • Upper Airway inflammatory disease
    • Allergies
  • Post Colic Surgery
    • Prevention of ischemia reperfusion injury post-colon torsion
  • Septicemia in adults and foals
  • Post surgical complications
    • Successfully used pre- and post-stem cell surgery to diminish the risk of complications and enhance cell regeneration.
  • Compromised Immune Systems
    • Following disease exposure / traumatic surgical or traveling experiences.
  • Breeding difficulties
    • In mares and stallions
    • Uterine infections / fluid pooling
    • Low sperm count / low libido
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Animals involved in barn fires or traffic accidents involving fire
  • Management of Fungal Diseases
    • As an adjunct therapy in the treatment of skin conditions and fungal diseases (usually seen in patients with other debilitating diseases or compromised immune systems.)
  • Neonatal maladjustment syndrome
    • Dummy foals
    • Dystocia foalings involving fetal asphyxia

The Equigym is a set of moving stalls in a round pen configuration. It provides a safe and natural form of exercise and is a great way for equine athletes to cool down after a workout. In contrast to a traditional hot walker, the horse is not tied down when using the Equigym. Instead, movement in the Equigym is stress-free, unrestrained and safe. The ability to work the horse in both directions insures balanced, uniform development of the musculoskeletal system.

With the Equigym, the horse gets an enjoyable, safe walk without handler intervention. Our Equigym is located in an indoor, controlled environment to keep the horses calm and protected.

Indoor Walking and Jogging Track

Our indoor track has a perfect surface for walking, jogging and loading of the athlete's rehabilitation processes. The horse gets only the work he needs in this safe, indoor, contained track.