Learn Our Approach

We ensure a controlled, safe environment with simply the finest staff available in the equine industry. Our staff specialty is detailed, knowledgeable care for the horse that is second to none. Whether it's nursing the critically injured or nurturing the mentally tired athlete, we address evey detail to give the horse the best possible return to training.

Each horse entering our care is provided with the following services:
  • Individualized care program,
  • Individualized exercise program,
  • Individual nutritional program; all following veterinary protocols.
  • 24 hour care.
Postoperative Care

For an equine athlete, surgery is a huge investment. Not only is there the cost of the surgery itself, there is also the value of time lost as the athlete recovers. The need to ensure a quick and complete recovery means that postoperative care can be just as important as the surgery itself. Every detail can mean the difference between a speedy recovery and a less successful outcome. At KESMARC, attention to those details is our specialty. We also make it a point to keep attending vets and surgeons informed with crucial information about the horse's progress and frequent rechecks.

Development Program

Our development program is carefully designed to help your young horse reach its full potential, both mentally and physically. As such, the development program is most beneficial for weanlings, yearlings and 2 year olds. The physical aspect of the development program prepares these horses to grow and mature without tearing them up in the process. Our exercise routines are carefully selected to stimulate cardiovascular and respiratory health, without compromising the young horses' muscular and skeletal systems. As equine sports medicine has progressed, the importance of conditioning an equine athlete's supporting tissues and bone structure has become widely acknowledged, and KESMARC's development program is formulated with this understanding in mind.

However, our development program is more than just physical conditioning. The mental training that these horses receive is an invaluable preparation for their future careers. As young horses grow up, they literally learn how to learn based on their experiences. The more an individual's brain is stimulated with new experiences, the better they will accept unfamiliar situations in the future. At KESMARC, horses in our development program are constantly exposed to lots of activity and handling, as well as new experiences like swimming, aquatreading and other modalities.

Many individuals who have sent horses to KESMARC comment on how easily their young horses accept unfamiliar situations after being at our facility. Graduates of our development program are prepared to handle anything you could possibly throw at them. Imagine your young horse being able to take new experiences in stride! By preparing these horses mentally, physically and emotionally for their futures as athletes, our development program prepares them for long, sound, and productive careers.